Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photoshop by hand - a workshop with Kate Gibb
I'm late to upload this but it was such a good quality hand crafting session. Kate Gibb gave a lovely write up on her blog too. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Saturday, 9 August 2014

D&AD New Blood Festival

It began with me delightfully absorbing in the pool of talent in a fuzzy haze of free wine at the private view. I took advantage. Unfortunately this led me to forget some of the best names I saw, so I apologise if I can't cite your name; but in a way it's great roaming around as whatever catches your eye is going to be the most honest and interesting piece of work to you personally.

I'll give a quick list of which new talents stood out to me.

Firstly Falmouth Illustration, you can't expect anything less but to me it was a strong stand. Each person's work was very stylised and individual - having a signature style is important for selling yourself as the client knows what they're getting. Though this can limit to you this trend. However the success of David Doran is undeniable, with features in The New York Times, Telegraph and Little White Lies before leaving University can't be argued with, and his work was lingering in my brain as I left the show, for that beautifully recreated lithography style.I'd like to get my hands on the Wrap Issue piece (first image left below.)

Also love Lauren Humphrey's jolly characters & her dream book, the selective colour choices and bold style reminds me of a children's book (image top right.) Also stand outs, bottom left ~ Rachel Saunders and bottom right ~ Dan Des Eynon.

Tereza Sernova's photography has a lovely simplicity and subtlety, her work capturing quiet personal moments and her above left image is beautiful. She won a Yellow Pencil at the awards show. I've got a feeling that paper crafted 3D objects is going to come into fashion but I saw it first at The D&AD New Blood; Joseph Boaden's unique packaging designs are a new and refreshing way to combat difficult messages like food waste & creating eco-friendly packaging.

The Bath School of Art stand had some solid publications, a great array of print work and it was good to catch up with my old tutor! The top two left images are from the Bath stand but I have no recollection of the boys names, good work though. The bottom two I just liked the look of -&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Started the day with a bit of screenprinting at Print Club London, the studios are a great space with a big bunch of lovely people, including Elliot Kruszynski another Bath student. He was a great teacher and we boshed out a tonne of his prints which we got to keep - Thank you!

I had some spare time so I went for the Human After All talk as I'm a big fan of Little White Lies Magazines who were one of the founders of the company. We had a collaborative, conceptual task in which we had to think of a way to 'hack the commute'. Here's a good write up on their blog, our team won! The Wolfpack blossomed from a recent experience that happened to me on my journey home, which sparked the girls and I to think of this useful app. The main issue we wanted to get across was that a girl walking home shouldn't feel vulnerable nor feel she has to defend herself, the Wolfpack enables you to group together and reaches out to a community for support. We each a won Curious Iconic Craft book which I was originally going to buy on their kickstarter site, so I was chuffed to get one. A really enjoyable workshop.

Then over to the Biscuit Building for Mr.Bingo's Ask Me Anything talk. My one question was "Do you have anger issues?" (see Hate Mail) turns out he's the nicest, down to earth guy with the best sense of humour. Reassuring to see how he began and he deserves all the success!

Unfortunately from now on I have no pictures as I was getting stuck into the next workshop the day after with Design Studio. We were creating a campaign where creativity helped communicate positive messages in a challenging situation. Please read their write up here (and view my concentration face bottom right) we decided to tackle the issue of disability. Whilst working at the Factory Youth Zone I found out that even though the disability symbol is a representation of a person in a wheel chair, only a very small minority of the disabled community are immobile, and quite a large majority of the disabled community are not represented. It is an issue that is not openly talked about and we don't always know the full extent of mental and physical disabilities, as we may not always come to experience them. We wanted to make a campaign which could educate people on a wide variety of disabilities, proving that people are more than just a symbol.

To end the day we had a talk/workshop with the creative director Johnny from Outlook and Dimensions festival. Anything seemed possible to Johnny, he has a great imagination and was very open to new and creative ideas. We could either design an installation for the festival or a flag. I was the only one that decided to make a flag, unfortunately didn't take a picture. Here is a phone picture of the winner's poster design for the dimensions festival which looked amazing.

Thank you D&AD for a very creative few days!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

This time last year...

I will soon start a photography I've got a lot to organise, so watch this space!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Marble March!

I've been meaning to do this for ages and it is THE MOST fun experiment ever. Each time you get a completely different effect. I want to marble everything now. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bottle Rocket
My design for the Wes Anderson poster competition. Going to work through the films chronologically and design them all...a good excuse to watch them all again.